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8m Amazon Kindle Ebook Readers Sold In 2010?

Amazon is set to sell more than eight million Kindle devices this year accordin to reports that have emerged courtesy of two sources close to the online retail giant.

They told business news outlet Bloomberg that Amazon's figures are way higher than what analysts had expected with a bunch of them putting Kindle sales numbers at around five million in 2010.

If the figures are confirmed, then it will be proof that the iPad, which sold more than 7.5 million units since it launched back in April, did not necessarily impede sales of the Kindle.

Last year, more than 2.4 million Kindles were sold and Amazon was keen to encourage adoption of the ebook reader even more by cutting the price of the device to £109 (for the non 3G model) and invest in a massive online and offline marketing drive.

Although other ebook readers have appeared on the market, Amazon still has the lead thanks to its first-mover advantage and the fact that its Kindle platform is still a proprietary one.

But Kindle, the reader still remains one piece of the puzzle as other means of reading ebooks including apps for other mobile platform (iPhone, Android, iPad etc) are launched by Amazon to cover as many bases as possible.