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Apple To Close Mac OS X Downloads Site

Apple is set to promote its soon-to-be-launched Mac App Store at the expense of the Mac OS X download site according to an email sent by the company to developers.

Ron Okamoto, head of developer relations, said "that software town wasn't big enough for both". He added that "Because we believe the Mac App Store will be the best destination for users to discover, purchase, and download apps, we will no longer offer apps on the Mac OS X Downloads site".

From January 6th, users will be encouraged to explore the range of apps available on the Mac App Store. Developers might feel as though they have been let down.

The Mac App Store will be more restrictive than the current Mac OS X Downloads service. Only fully functional, retail versions of applications will be available which means that demos, trials, limited editions and beta versions of apps won't be allowed.

In addition, applications that permit the user to customise or modify the appearance of the operating system or behave as a system utility may be banned altogether.

Also, older platforms like Leopard and Tiger won't be supported, only Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) and the forthcoming Lion (OS X 10.7) will run Mac App Store.