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Atari announces multi-platform D&D game

Atari has announced the imminent launch of a new Dungeon's & Dragons video game which will hit multiple platforms in spring 2011.

The D&D franchise is having a bit of a renaissance of late, having recently been voted third in a list of the 100 greatest toys ever in an Internet poll tied to a three-hour Channel Four nostalgia-fest fronted by gadget freak extraordinaire Jonathan Ross.

Suggestions that the poll might have been skewed by the kind of people who once spent much of their time holed up in their bedrooms rolling oddly-shaped dice and pretending to be Redundrialle the Elf, and now spend much of their time sitting in front of a computer in their bedrooms entering TV polls, have been disputed by people who... oh you know where we're going here.

The next chapter in the D&D saga is unusual in that it is being simultaneously launched as a download-only title on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Windows PC and will have a massive on-line element, although its not clear whether your four-person party can be split across multiple platforms.

It's all based in the Forgotten Realms world and has the expected narrative about a desperate struggle to defeat the evil Rezlus and his band of something else with lots of 'Z's in it in the secret mines of Tethyamar by way of a nice little trip to the treacherous Tower of the Void.

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale is developed by Bedlam Games and will be launched in Spring 2011, though we have no details on pricing or playing costs.

We'd be willing bet a shiny gold piece to a battered copper kettle that it will include some kind of marketplace where you can buy new weapons and equipment with real money though.