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Google Wave API Lives On Through Shared Spaces

Search giant Google has released its Shared Spaces online collaboration tool, which is based on the now defunct Google Wave.

According to the company, users will be able to create their own personal work spaces, which can then be shared by co-workers or friends in order to designate mini-collaborative applications, such as scheduling tools or games.

The tool features four different app categories, which have been built using the Wave API. These include planning, productivity, games and polls.

A slideshow released by Google, describing how the programme works, explains: "After picking a gadget, you will be taken to your newly created gadget space. Either ping the URL to a friend, or use the email/buzz/tweet buttons to share it. Use the gadget and the chat to collaborate together for fun or productivity."

Google has said that users will be able to collaborate with people and chat at the same time.