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Hack Allows Users To Stream From Mac To TV Via Apple TV

TUAW blogger and hacker Erica Sadun has released new software for Mac allowing users to stream video content from an Apple desktop or laptop to a TV set via Apple TV.

The new tool is based on a hack previously released by Sadun called AirPlayer, which tricks the Apple TV unit into treating a Mac as an AirPlay receiver.

The AirFlick tool is designed to search for an Apple TV device over a network, allowing users to enter the URL of an Internet video they want to view. Users can also drag and drop a video file stored on a Mac to stream it to the TV via Apple TV.

The developer says that the AirFlick utility is currently in the alpha stages of development although it could have the potential to grow.

Apple meanwhile, is unlikely to be amused with the tool, given its stringent policy on third party software accessing its products without permission.

The tool is free for download and users can donate some amount to its development.