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HP To Launch Palm Tablet At CES 2011

There are claims that we will see three versions of HP's PalmPad tablet at CES 2011 in January in Las Vegas and they will be based on the HP Slate 500.

Fox News' Clayton Morris writes that the tablet will be based on the WebOS operating system v2.5.1 in three different models with a four version planned for the education market.

The consumer version of the tablet, Fox News writes will run on Sprint's new 4G network and will come with a mini HDMI port, a three-megapixel camera and a 1.3-megapixel front one, both apparently with LED flashes.

The tablet will apparently be thinner than the iPad (and a number of smartphones), closer, in shape to the Amazon Kindle, and will weigh under 600g.

It may also come with at least two screen sizes, 8.9-inch and 10-inch, being the two possibilities. Morris says that there will be a USB 3.0 port plus a "multi-switch" like on the Palm Pre.

From the spec sheet that Fox News published on its website, we can guess that there will also be a card reader and an earphone socket.

We expect the tablet to feature an ARM-based processor, possibly a Cortex A8 SoC, with at least 512MB RAM and 8GB onboard storage.