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Microsoft Introduces HTML5 Labs For Developers

Software giant Microsoft has released a new platform for IE9 developers, allowing them test unstable web standards and prototypes before implementing them on the updated web browser.

The HTML5 Labs website will act as a sand-box for developers testing unstable web standards from various standards bodies such as W3C.

Dean Hachamovitch, the Corporate Vice President for Internet Explorer at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post: “With many HTML5 technologies still under active development, our approach is to give developers better choices and avoid false dichotomies around standards support.”

The first prototypes released by Microsoft for HTML 5 Labs are Web Sockets and IndexedDB.

According to the company, Web Sockets is an experimental web standard designed to simplify full-duplex communications channels on a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket while IndexedDB is designed to store a large amount of structured data on web browsers.