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MP Blasts Lack Of Welsh Broadband Funds

A Welsh MP has lashed out at the UK’s coalition government for not allocating funds to bring superfast broadband to Wales.

Welsh MP and Shadow Business Minister Ian Lucas revealed on his website that communications minister Ed Vaizey admitted that Wales had not been allotted funds in the government's recently announced scheme to offer at least a 2 Mbps broadband connection nationwide.

“The approach being taken to the support of broadband roll out is to support specific projects rather than to make allocations to nations or regions,” Vaizey said.

The government plans on spending £530 million by 2015 and an additional £300 million in the two years after that.

Lucas criticised the government for not including Wales in its broadband plans, arguing that Welsh taxpayers paid the same license fee as other people in the UK.

“This would be less of a concern if there had not already been controversy over the way the Government handled the first round of bids for pilot projects. When Ministers effectively say Wales has to wait for the scraps from a project across the border, it does not inspire confidence,” he said.