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Households with one tablet PC soon get another

A YouGov consumer survey of tablet ownership in households finds that some 17 per cent of iPad-owning households have two or more tablet devices.

Of 1,667 tablet owners polled by the London-based market research firm, 782 reported owning an iPad and 145 said they had at least one more tablet.

Family members queueing up to use the gadget was the primary reason cited for having multiple tablets.

The second tablet device was not necessarily another iPad, but in some instances a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an Amazon Kindle or a Sony e-reader, as well as several other tablet computing products.

However the study found that of those respondents planning to buy a second tablet, an impressive 69 per cent would go with an iPad, while 24 percent would pick a Kindle.

You can download the YouGov survey results in PDF format here.