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One Fifth of iPad Owners Own Second Tablet According To YouGov

A new survey conducted by market research firm YouGov has revealed that 17 per cent of Apple iPad owners in the UK have two or more tablet devices in their home.

The report surveyed 1,667 tablet owners, out of which, 782 people owned an iPad. Out of the total, 145 iPad owners claimed that they owned at least two tablet devices.

37 per cent of iPad owners claimed that they purchased a second iPad because of a partner using it 'all the time', while 17 per cent claimed that their iPad was being constantly used by family members.

The survey comes at a time when the market is being flooded with tablet devices to rival Apple's creation. Electronic manufacturers such as, Samsung, HP and Dell have all announced that they are to launch devices. It is estimated however, Apple controls about 69 per cent of the tablet market.