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Palm and HP working on trio of iPad killers

PDA pioneer Palm and its new Daddy Warbucks HP are working on a tablet PC aimed at ending the iPad's dominance according to the rumour mill.

Fox News reckons it has got its hands on specification sheets for a forthcoming PalmPad tablet from a 'trusted source' and says the likelihood is that the new device will be outed at this year's gadget-fest in the Nevada desert, CES.

The source says HP will roll out three PalmPad-branded proddable PCs with just minor differences to distinguish each model. All will run a version of Palm's WebOs operating sytem and will be based on the much-predicted HP-Slate which never made it to production.

A fourth version aimed at student types will be launched at a later date according to the report.

Hardware specs will be close to the iPad's but will add all of the stuff missing from Apple's first foray into tablet territory, including mini HDMI out, twin flashy cameras and no doubt the all-important (to some) ability to play Flash video.

We're keen to see how WebOS holds up on a tablet device because it certainly isn't getting much competition from bloated Windows 7 or made-for-phones Android at the moment.

Whatever happens, it can only be a good thing for Apple's dominance to be challenged.