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Sales Of Call Of Duty : Black Ops Surpass One Billion Dollars Milestone

Call Of Duty : Black Ops has set yet another record by becoming the first game to generate more than one billion dollar in less than 50 days.

Activision said that gamers spent more than $650 million on the award winning game in the first five days after it went on sale with more than $350 million being generated in the following 45 days or so.

It brought in more than $310 million within 24 hours of going on sale. In comparison, its predecessor, Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 made $550 million during the first five days and took two months to reach the $1 billion milestone.

Users have played more than 600 million hours worth of gaming time since it went on sale on the 9th of November and users in general spend more than one hour every day playing the game.

The next Call of Duty will be launched towards the end of next year and it would be interesting to see whether it can actually best Black Ops.

We've received unconfirmed reports that the game can be purchased from Morrisons' supermarket chain for as little as £29.99.