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Verizon Counting On iPhone Gambit

US wireless carrier Verizon is banking on Apple's iPhone to ensure future growth, an analyst with Kaufman Bros has claimed.

According to Electronista, Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu, said in a note to investors that Verizon considers the iPhone “essential to its future success” and is “excited” about launching the CDMA version of the device early next year.

Several reports have confirmed that the Verizon iPhone is very much real and that the company is counting on it to compensate for declining Android and Blackberry sales.

Wu has given a wide time frame, covering the first half of 2011, for the launch of the Verizon iPhone but many believe that the company will launch the device early next year.

Wu also expects Research in Motion to introduce another full-touch screen device, like the Storm 3, in order to take on Apple. He believes that the device will have a faster processor and an entirely new operating system.