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AOC To Launch Android Tablet At CES 2011

AOC has announced that it will be launching its first tablet at CES 2011, one which will be based on Google's Android operating system although AOC did not say which version that would be.

The company, which is the world's biggest manufacturer of LCD/LED monitors and high definition TVs, said that the tablet would be an "industry-leading" 8-inch touchscreen and will be priced under $200.

It would be interesting to see whether AOC settles for a 800x480 or a 800x600 screen resolution. At this price, we'd be very surprise to see a capacitive touchscreen on this little baby; so be ready to handle a stylus and forget about multitouch.

We expect it to come with Wi-Fi, at least 2GB onboard storage & 256MB RAM, with a microSD card reader, a mini USB port and at least one camera. We will get some photos of the tablet from the CES 2011 event.