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Apple iPad 2 To Get Speaker, iPod Touch Finish

Another iPad 2 rumour appeared online yesterday claiming that the next version of the iPad will have the same screen size with a smaller bezel, a flat back panel like the iPhone 4 and a wide-range speaker.

The leak came from a Japanese blog called MacOtakara which cited an "anonymous Chinese source" which mentions that the LCD of the iPad 2 will remain the same size with the bezel being slightly smaller by roughly 3mm.

Apple had a large bezel on the iPad to help users handle the tablet properly without leaving fingerprints on the screen itself. The report also mentions a flat back like the iPod Touch or the iPhone 4 which may or may not be black in colour.

In addition, the Ambient Light Sensor has apparently been moved to the "upper center of the rear panel" with a new 3mm hole. Most importantly there may be a slot at the bottom of the device, one which will house "a large wide-ranged speaker unit covered with meta mesh".

The Japanese blog did not confirm whether the iPad will come with any cameras, either front or rear or if there will be a smaller version of the iPad.