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Dell Acquires Medical Data Storage Company InSite One

Computer maker Dell has announced the acquisition of medical archiving services provider InSite One, in an attempt to tap into the emerging medical IT market.

InSite One offers cloud-based medical data storage services, which allows customers to reduce the costs that come with long-term data storage, as well as letting doctors share critical data.

Dell plans to integrate InSite One's cloud-based archiving tool with its own Unified Clinical Archive solution in order to provide clients with simple data retention solution and enable them to share images across multiple platforms.

James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president of Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences said in a statement: “We are dramatically simplifying archiving and retention of clinical data, both medical images and electronic medical records. This will allow our customers to improve care and support medical innovation through the efficient use of IT, and we’re doing it in a way that actually simplifies access to the information when it’s needed by clinicians.”