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Firefox 4 Beta 8 available for download


Firefox 4 Beta 8 is available for download for those gagging for a fiddle.

The new update comes with improved Firefox Sync features and WebGL hardware acceleration. Mozilla has also fixed some 1,415 bugs, which should help things along a bit.

The major highlight of the update is the improvement to the synchronisation feature.but there are some some performance enhancements too, including Mozzerella's new JägerMonkey JavaScript engine.

Mozilla said in the Beta 8 release notes that Firefox Sync has been further simplified, bringing better desktop-to-phone synchronisation features. Firefox Sync is designed to allow users to sync history, bookmarks and other browsing data across desktops and mobile phones.

Firefox 4, when released, will come with HD video playback capabilities, multi-touch support, hardware acceleration and HTML 5 support amongst other things.

You can download the Beta here.