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Google Doodle Celebrates Worldwide Holiday Scenes

Google has released a new doodle for its web search page, featuring a collection of Yuletide scenes from around the world.

The 17 images that make up the collage, display famous landmarks such as: Sydney Bridge, Mount Fuji, St Basils Cathedral, the canals of Venice and the Sahara Desert.

The doodle also depicts specific cultural scenes, objects and characters like: Indian classical dances, a yule log, a middle eastern Oud guitar, henna lamps and Father Christmas.

Users can also click on every individual picture to find out more about the topic or place it is based on.

According to The Telegraph, the doodle, which was created by “Chief doodler” Mario Lopez and team of designers, took 250 hours to complete. “We want to end the year with a bang” Lopez said.

The doodle was originally meant to be launched over the three days before Christmas, before company executives decided to launch the design straight away.

The images will remain on the site for the next two and half days before reverting back to the original doodle after Christmas.