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iPad 2 to get speaker boost and slimmer bezel

Today's daily dose of iPad 2 rumourage comes from the land of the rising sun and is about as believable as all of the other information from molish insiders, un-named sources and plain old made-up nonsense.

Japanese fan site Macotakora has a mock-up of what it reckons the iPad 2's beefed up, mesh-covered speaker system will look like, based on pictures of leaked parts.

It was at first thought that the large hole in the case components would be used for an SD slot or somesuch, but the latest theory points at bigger speaker ports.

The web site is up front about the pics it has published (the pic is named ipad_2_mockup.jpg after all) which is probably for the best as it is so obviously Photoshop fakery.

Fake: Check out the lack of digital noise in the grill slots, particularly the shiny curved bits at the top.

The Japanese report also says that, although the screen is the same as the current 9.7-inch version, the bezel is slightly slimmer, bringing the overall size in at 239 x 186 mm.

There's no mention of an HDMI or mini USB port as widely predicted, but front and rear facing cameras are still on the cards and for some reason the ambient light sensor has been moved and shrunk.

The only other rumour is that the iPad 2 will lose its curvy bottom and will be closer to the iPod touch in profile.

The site is also touting a January release date but we'll believe that when we see it.

Apple usually likes to give punters at least a month to get worked into a lather about new products, even slightly revamped ones.