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LittleGossip.Com Attacked For Promoting Cyberbullying

Teachers and worried parents have spoken out against a new social networking site, which is said to encourage cyberbullying in schools. is being blamed for encouraging school children to post gossip and malicious rumours about their fellow pupils.

According to The Daily Mail, children from some of Britain’s top schools are using the site to post offensive and bullying material about fellow classmates.

Many comments on are obscene, homophobic or threatening and 10 per cent of the submitted posts are reported for deletion by users.

One such comment made by a student from Eton, said to a fellow pupil: “mate your a ******* wannabe, u spend all of dads cash on your drug addiction.”

LittleGossip was originally created by web developers from Belize but has since gained popularity in the UK.

The site is under pressure from school authorities to add a report button next to posts to hide offensive comments.

Site users need to be 18 and above to access LittleGossip, although teens are easily able to circumvent the age restrictions.