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Motorola Mobility Acquires Streaming Company Zectar

Motorola Mobility has acquired media streaming start-up Zecter, in order to enhance its Motoblur technology.

Zecter creates technology, which lets users access and stream music, videos and photos.

According to Bloomberg, Motorola plans on integrating Zecter's technology with its own Motoblur tool. Motoblur acts as a social dashboard for users, allowing them to directly link their Facebook account to their home screen.

The company will be focusing on Zecter's ZumoCast and ZumoDrive technology, which allows users to stream media files. ZumoCast allows users to transmit via wireless music, video, photo and document data, whilst ZumoDrive sends users digital media into web-based storage service.

Motorola said in a statement: “Zecter will further enhance Motorola Mobility's mobile content experience and Motoblur service offering by enabling consumers to enjoy their digital content across their mobile devices, wherever they are”.

The terms of the purchase have not yet been revealed by the two companies.