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Motorola Tablet To Be Called Xoom?

Motorola has applied for trademarks for a product or a range of products that will bear the name Xoom in a few strategic territories worldwide.

Pocketnow reports that Motorola wants to copyright the term in the US, in Canada, Australia, the whole of the EU, New Zealand and Taiwan.

This points to a global, rather than regional, product launch. For example the Motorola Milestone is known as the Droid in the UK.

Motorola wants to the trademark application to cover "mobile computers and related accessories, namely, docks, cradles, mounts, holders, stands, carrying cases, covers, protective or decorative covers, batteries, power adaptors, cables, connectors, headsets and speakers; hand held computers, lap top computers, tablet computers, electronic notepads, computers, mobile data communications apparatus"

Note that there's nothing in there mentioning mobile phones, smartphones or devices capable of making phone calls. Not much is known about the tablet which was announced at the beginning of December and will come with Android Honeycomb.

Like the Advent Vega, the Motorola Tablet will use a Tegra 2 processor, a large touchscreen (probably 10-inch) and will be presented at next year's CES 2011 in Las Vegas.