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Skype v5.0.0.156 Appears To Solve Service Downtime

Service hiccups we experienced while using Skype earlier today were solved almost immediately once we downloaded and installed the latest version of the VoiP's client, v5.0.0.156, replacing our earlier version which was 152.

A quick random poll in the office revealed better quality of service after the procedure was performed; you can download this version of Skype, which was launched on the 14th of December, here.

The release notes for this particular iteration do not show any significant improvements; as a maintenance update, it only solves a number of known issues without introducing any new functionality.

A few hours ago, Skype said that around 10 million people were only, accounting for around 30 per cent of the number of Skype users that log in online; at the time of writing that number has risen to 13.6 million which is 45 per cent of the estimated 30 million online Skype users.

Skype did not say why its service has been down for the first time in three years other than mentioning that many Supernodes have been knocked offline at the same time because of an issue with a particular version of Skype.

We suggested earlier today that they might have been hacked and taken offline at the same time in an attempt to undermine Skype.