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60 Per Cent Of Britons Plan To Work From Home Over Christmas

More than 60 per cent of British workers are planning on working from their homes during the Christmas holidays, a survey has revealed.

According to a survey conducted by Internet service provider Demon Broadband, 6 out of 10 workers admitted to working from home at some point during the Christmas holidays due to increasingly advanced remote access tools.

According to The Telegraph, many employees will be adhering to normal office hours, when working from home over Christmas.

The research also stressed the significance of smartphones, which now allow workers to access work emails on the go.

Matt Cantwell, the head of Demon Broadband, said in a statement that ”We can see from our research that new technologies, such as smartphones and faster internet connections, are allowing more people to work from home when they need to, while these technologies can mean we’re constantly connected they also give us the much needed flexibility to keep on top of our work without having to disrupt family life by leaving for the office".