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Apple Adds Cherokee Language To iOS

Apple has worked with the Cherokee Native American tribe to make their language a part of the iOS system.

The Cherokee tribe made a request to Apple three years ago to provide Cherokee language software to its iOS devices and the company has now decided to make this a reality.

Cherokee members believe that with Apple's help, the tribe will be able to keep its language alive through technology. The Cherokee software developed by Apple will allow Cherokee children to stay in touch with the language, even when using the most advanced technology that the company has to offer.

According to The Associated Press, the Cherokee language pack will initially be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with the iPad version coming later.

Joseph Erb of the Cherokee Nation's language technology division commented that: “If you don't figure out a way to keep technology exciting and innovative for the language, kids have a choice when they get on a cell phone. If it doesn't have Cherokee on it, they all speak English.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.