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Best Buy Demoes 42-inch Nexus S Giant Smartphone

Best Buy has build a supersized version of the Google Nexus S smartphone to be used as a marketing tool in one of its stores in San Carlos, near San Francisco.

Jason Kincaid from Techcrunch said that customers were being attracted to it like moths to a flame even during early morning hours. We haven't heard of such a device being rolled out in the UK, where Carphone Warehouse is selling the Nexus S.

The device not only works (i.e. you can make phone calls), but also has a 42-inch touchscreen, a working camera and internet connectivity; it is actually powered by the Nexus S smartphone albeit one that has some special video-out capabilities.

Google has a number of large (resistive) touchscreen displays showing Google Earth in its HQ in Victoria and it is likely that the giant Nexus S is just a modified version.

The Nexus S is only available at Carphone Warehouse in the UK from as little as £430 plus a £10 top-up either on Orange, O2 or Vodafone; it can be purchased for that price unlocked which makes the PAYG version sold on T-Mobile at £550, useless.