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Direct Carrier Billing Arrives On Android Market

Google is to make life simpler for Android customers under a contract with AT&T to introduce simpler app purchasing options.

In a blog post on the Android Developers Blog, Google announced that AT&T will be introducing its Direct Carrier Billing service to Google's Android Market, allowing customers to easily purchase apps and charge the amount to their monthly phone bill.

“With the combination of Android Market’s new app discovery features and a carrier-backed frictionless payment method, users will find it significantly easier to discover and purchase applications of their choice,” the company said.

Google also told Android users that it would soon start to roll out of the enhancements to its Android Market platform, which include a 15 minute refund video, new wallpapers and widget categories and new 50MB maximum .apk size.

Many Android users had complained that the payment and app browsing is not a user-friendly enough experience.