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Google Nexus S Receives First OTA Update

US users of the Google Nexus S smartphone have started to receive an "over the air" update for Gingerbread, one named Android 2.3.1.

The update comes a few days after the release of the Nexus S in the US and a few hours after its launch in the UK where Android 2.3.1 will be released soon.

It will update a few bugs that have appeared in the latest version of Google Maps for Android v5, plus it seems to fix a speed issue with the onboard web browser.

Carphone Warehouse slashed the price of the Google Nexus S by £120, days before the device went on sale. The firm refunded early buyers who paid the full price when preordering the handset at launch.

The Nexus S is essentially a reworked version of the Samsung Galaxy S; they share the same underlying hardware with a few minor differences.

The Nexus S doesn't have a FM radio or a microSD card reader but it does support NFC, have a curved screen, 16GB onboard storage and the all important upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.1.