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IBM predicts holographic phones by 2015

IBM is predicting that we will all be using holographic phones with 3D projections by within the next five years.

Big Blue told Bloomberg that its 3,000 researchers had been gazing in their crystal balls and had come up with a number of technologies which will be top of your Christmas list in 2015.

According to the US tech outfit Star Wars-style communicators will top the list and will project 3D images of callers.

Other predictions include oxygen-powered power sources, kinetic-laptop batteries and computer programmes which can predict traffic jams.

Disappointingly, there's once again no mention of personal jet packs bit $6 billion in research funding has lead to the possibility of batteries which would power a car for 500 miles on a single charge and breakthroughs in desalination technology which could make sea water fit for irrigation.

IBM has a mixed record on past predictions after saying in 2007 that we would all be immersed in 3D social world's like Second Life by 2011 (wrong) and that mobile phones would be used as a virtual wallet (partly true and getting closer every day).