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Microsoft going back to gaming with Windows 8

Microsoft will give gamers some much-needed love with the launch of Windows 8, according to a report.

The Redmond software monopoly has been accused of ignoring gamers of late, many think because it failed miserably to stem the tide of entertainment software piracy.

Now Microsoft execs are eyeing the huge sums of cash being generated by massively multi-player on-line games (MMO) like World of Warcraft which are tied to paid subscriptions and have models which are far less susceptible to piratey shenanigans.

Techradar reckons the hiring of Rahul Sood, who founded gaming hardware outfit Voodoo PC and has been vocal in his criticism of Microsoft's recent reluctance to invest in gaming, heralds a new era for the house that Bill built.

And stirrings within Redmond, including the announcement of a new Age of Empires title, the release of Fable 3 and an update to Microsoft's popular flight simulator package could add credence to the theory.

Microsoft has never been an outfit willing to sit back and let other companies claw in all the cash - and with Apple soon to be making inroads into the desktop gaming market with the Mac App Store, and Valve's on-line market and gaming portal Steam growing at a massive rate, it was only a matter of time before the Beast of Ballmer awoke from its slumber and smelled the gold.