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Microsoft Rumoured To Be Focusing On PC Gaming For Windows 8

Microsoft is rumoured to be focusing on PC gaming for its upcoming Windows 8 Operating System.

An anonymous source said to TechRadar, "Windows 8 will represent a real new push into PC gaming," and that "Gaming will be a key component for the whole OS."

The recent launch of the Games for Windows Marketplace and the hiring of Rahul Sood, the founder of Voodoo PC, seems to lend credence to the rumours according to the news website.

Microsoft has recently neglected the PC games market, focusing instead on the Xbox 360, which has angered many fans.

Many critics however believe that Microsoft is making this shift due to the success of Valve and their Steam gaming portal in the PC gaming market.

The Steam system is currently dominating the PC gaming scene.

The company has also announced a range of new PC games, including new additions to the Age Of Empires and Flight Simulator series.