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No FBI Backdoors Found in OpenBSD

OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt has revealed that after inspection of the operation system, no backdoors implanted by the FBI have been found.

Gregory Perry, the former chief technology officer of the now-defunct government security contractor Network Security Technology (NetSec) had emailed Raadt, informing him that the FBI had paid the company to install backdoors in OpenBSD.

Perry chose to reveal this piece of information after 10 years due to a recenlty expired Non Disclosure Agreement he signed with the FBI.

After a scourging of the operating system however, Raadt has declared that no backdoors were found in the software code although two bugs that could have had security implications were uncovered.

In an email, Raadt noted that “NetSec was probably contracted to write backdoors as alleged," but added "if those were written, I don't believe they made it into our tree.”