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£400 Optoma HD67 DLP Projector HD Ready

For the price of an ordinary TV, the Optoma HD67 lets you experience the awesome scale of cinema in your own home!

There can be little doubt that Optoma are one of the stars of the projector market and the HD67 is a brilliant entry into the joys of home cinema. Thanks to DLP processing power from Texas Instruments and HD Ready resolution, the HD67 can offer up big images in crystal clear clarity. In fact, with the projector set 5m from the screen you can enjoy a screen size up to an amazing 145 inches! Even at a distance of just 3m, a screen size of over 87 inches is possible - big enough to tower over most plasma TVs.

Yet, perhaps what is more impressive about the Optoma HD67 is not the size but the quality of image. Thanks to an ANSI Contrast measurement that's significantly above similarly priced LCD-based projectors, this DLP Optoma creates images with startling realism. Blacks have more depth and whites are purer. As you'd expect, the HD67 is also 24P compatible meaning that feature films are displayed exactly as the director intended. Optoma take pride in the accuracy of colour reproduction which is why they guarantee the colour quality for five years - a sign of how confident they are in terms of consistency over time.

Other than the class-leading performance we really like this projector for its ease of use and compact dimensions. Its compact size makes it easy to position and set-up is as easy as with any TV. Connections include an HDMI, S-Video, Composite and a VGA that will handle either PC, SCART or component via adaptor sockets.

Whether it's sports events or feature films, a project TV system will give your home entertainment a whole new dimension. The Optoma HD67 DLP Projector HD Ready is on sale at Richersounds for a mere £400 excluding delivery.