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£350 LG 42PJ350 42 inch Plasma TV HD Ready Freeview

Thanks to its 600Hz sub-field driving technology, the 42PJ350 can rightly claim to have the best picture quality in its class. 600Hz technology works by pulsing each frame 12 times, thereby upgrading the standard 50Hz signal to an effective 600Hz one. If all this is double Dutch to you, then don't be concerned! Suffice to say that the new technology gives the 42PJ350 a superb response with incredible realism and super-sharp tracking on fast moving motion such as sports events. With technologies such as the latest version of LG's highly acclaimed XD Engine and an Intelligent Light Sensor, the 42PJ350 offers up excellent levels of brightness, colour purity and contrast. The figures showing an astonishing dynamic contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1 and brightness of 1500cdm say a great deal, but the proof of the LG's superior picture quality is in the watching. Compared to its rivals in both LCD and plasma camps, the 42PJ350 offers a more engaging experience.

The LG's excellence carries through to its audio performance. Granted, a separate home cinema system will still sound an awful lot better, but the LG 42PJ350's audio performance easily beats its rivals. The Clear Voice II system makes dialogue easy to follow. Combined with the Invisible speaker system, you'll find it gives the LG 42PJ350 a smooth, spacious sound that's less boxy-sounding than many TVs. Finally, if you're planning to use this plasma TV as part of your home cinema system, then you'll be pleased to find an optical digital output - perfect for the highest quality audio connection to your AV receiver.

Grab this LG 42PJ350 42 inch Plasma TV HD Ready Freeview for as little as £350 from Richersounds.