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Acer brandishes AMD Brazos-powered box

To get us through the turkey season, tech firms are lining up their wares for the Las Vegas gadget fest that is CES, which kicks off in the first week of January.

One firm in need of a successful CES is AMD, which will be unveiling the first fruits of its Fusion strategy. The firm's Brazos platform is a low-power combo aimed at small notebooks and tablets and now we've got a glimpse of what it may look like in the form of Acer Aspire One AO522

The Macles blog posted pictures of Acer's upcoming portable which is powered by AMD's C-50 "Accelerated Processing Unit" (APU).

The APU is AMD's 9-watt Ontario architecture, combining a dual;-core 1GHz central processor with an on-die implementation AMD's Radeon HD 6250 graphics. Acer places the chip in a box sporting a 10.1-inch,1280x720 display which also offers HDMI output.

The result is a natty netbook, a term that has already died a death.

Luckily for AMD, netbooks these days are sold as laptops to consumers too harassed to know better. Many and overpriced Atom-powered system has been flogged over a cut-priced Pentium deal. Now Intel's Atom will have some serious competition in the ultra-portable, not-really-a-netbook-honest category, assuming AMD's hardware lives up to its promise.