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Redsn0w 0.9.7 Now Available For iOS 4.2.1

The iPhone Dev Team has dished out Redsn0w 0.9.7 untethered jailbreak tool for iOS version 4.2.1 after Comex, the developer of Spirit and JailbreakMe 2.0, failed to deliver an untethered hack over the weekend.

Earlier, users were only able to jailbreak their iOS 4.2.1 devices with the tethered version which came with some constraints like connecting the device to a PC every time they switched it off which made untethered version a necessity.

Released as a first beta version, the tool, which is only available for Mac at the moment, will allow users who can't wait for the official Comex hack, to jailbreak their devices.

However, the iPhone Dev Team warns that the tool is in its testing phase and if it is not implemented properly then things can go very wrong, causing their warranty to be void

Users brave enough to take the risk are advised to make back-ups of all the content on their device before going ahead with the process.

“Right now, the “backup plan” requires that you have the 4.2b3 IPSW on your Mac, and that Cydia has your 4.2b3 SHSH hashes. Please don’t pirate that 4.2b3 IPSW! (We’re also working on a way that this technique might apply to all those with 4.1 IPSWs, but that’s not the first goal right now.),” the iPhone Dev Team said in a blog post.