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£190 D-Link Boxee Box Digital Media Player

The Boxee Box by D-Link is the best way to enjoy TV programmes, movies, video and music from the Internet or a hard drive on your TV. Watch the latest programmes, play videos from nearly any website, organise your personal videos, music, and photos into beautiful libraries, and browse the Internet, all with a simple to use QWERTY remote.

Watch what you want, when you want - Bring the Internet and your own digital content onto your TV. Get access to limitless videos, ready to watch anytime you hit play. Play and organise your digital stuff - Play and view practically all common video, music and photo formats from your personal collection and the Internet in up to 1080p full HD.

See what your friends are watching – Use the Boxee Box’s integrated social features to keep up with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Find something you love? Share it from your TV directly with your friends across the Web.

Tailored to your sofa – It’s never been so easy to organise and watch content. The remote, with QWERTY keyboard, makes it easy to browse local content and surf the Internet. Sit back, relax and enjoy with the Boxee Box. No PC required. PC power, tiny box.

It may look different, but the Boxee Box delivers power you’d normally only get with a full PC. From the advanced Intel AtomTM chip to the included Wireless N technology, the Boxee Box has been engineered to allow you to play the highest quality video from the Internet or your home network with ease. And more than that, it’s an open, ever-expanding platform, which means that your Boxee Box will always stay relevant. We’ll continue to add new websites, movies, and TV shows to Boxee. If you have a favourite website that’s not optimised for a TV yet, we’ll even give you the tools to build a Boxee App for it. Last but not least, the Boxee Box will automatically update itself to ensure you’re always getting the latest features and content, free from the hassle of downloading and installing them yourself.

The D-Link Boxee Box Digital Media Player can be purchased from Amazon for only £190, a price that includes delivery.