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Apple sued over iPhone, iPad privacy

A bloke is suing Apple acusing the phone firm of letting apps on its mobile devices send personal information to advertisers without users' consent.

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, Jonathan Lalo claims Apple's iPhones and iPads let ad networks track users downloading and use of apps, Bloomberg reported.

The suit alleges ad networks are able to trace an iPhone or iPad using the unique device identifier, or UDID, which is a number specific to each unit that can't be blocked by users.

Lalo claims that sending personal data without consent violates federal computer fraud and privacy laws,

suit is seeking class action status on behalf of all Apple iPhone and iPad users who downloaded an app between December 1, 2008, and last week.

Last week, a Wall Street Journal article asserted that mobile apps send certain information without the user's consent or knowledge.

Along with Apple, the lawsuit names as defendants certain mobile apps, such as Pandora, Paper Toss, Weather Channel, and, Bloomberg reported.

Pandora, has been found to send age, gender, and other personal information to ad networks, and Paper Toss transmits UDIDs.

Apple declines to comment on the suit.