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Bluetooth cooking thermometer to debut at CES

Answering a question probably no one thought to ask, a 2009 startup called iDevices will next week formally introduce iGrill at the Consumer Electronics show (CES), in Las Vegas, January 6-9. Touted as the world’s first wireless cooking thermometer for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. iGrill supports long-range Bluetooth (over 200 feet) and App-enabled connections with the igadget.

iGrill enables an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to monitor in real time the internal temperature of food cooking on grill or in oven, allowing the cook to confirm that the dish is thoroughly cooked, has reached target temperature and is safe for consumption.

As author Jeff Potter's notes in his cookbook and reference “Cooking For Geeks,” (O’Reilly, 2010) the vital (in some instances literally) matter of temperature's plays a key role in preventing food–borne illness.

The iGrill product consists of the iGrill Thermometer itself with a Projection Display and Probe, featuring an easy-to-clean touch interface and multiple probe options, plus the iGrill App for iPod, iPhone, & iPad that displays the internal temperature status of cooking food via Bluetooth.

iDevices claims that iGrill can not only redefine how you cook and grill, it can also change way you socialise, taking some of the labour-intensity out of meal preparation and offering back that too often scarce commodity - time, its long-range Bluetooth connection enabling you to enjoy more time with family and friends without hovering over a cooking turkey or other temperature-critical dish without compromising the quality of your cuisine.

iGrill is among the iOS apps. chosen by Apple to participate in its Made For iPod, iPhone, iPad Developers’ Program, as well as a finalist for’s 6th Annual Best of CES 2011 Awards - Innovator of the Year (winner to be announced at CES). Apple evidently appreciates the potential of a device perfectly paired with their product line and featuring a seamlessly integrated, feature-rich app. and thanks to Apple’s open architecture, iDevices was able to develop a free iGrill iOS App designed to enhance both the iGrill experience and the cooking experience.

“We are extremely excited by the launch of iDevices’ first product, iGrill, which is already up for a ‘Best of CES’ Innovator of the Year award,” says iDevices Inc. CEO Christopher Allen, adding that “iGrill is the first of an entire suite of home and lifestyle oriented products that iDevices will be developing in 2011 to enhance Apple products’ user experience.”

Notwithstanding its practical functionality, priced at £65 (US$100), iGrill is available through and Apple Stores. It comes with one iGrill probe and display equipped with long-range Bluetooth, useful Apps, and 4 AA batteries, and is intended to be the first in a line of products created by iDevices geared toward what it calls the Apple lifestyle. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.