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Eutelsat Latest Satellite To Bring Broadband To Europe

A new European broadband venture that plans on offering high-speed broadband connections has successfully launched a satellite into space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The Ka-Sat satellite has been launched with the intentions of offering super fast broadband services to households and businesses, specifically in Europe and the Mediterranean.

The satellite is the second of its kind to be launched by Eutelsat, which wants to bring high-speed broadband wireless connections to North America, Europe and the Mediterranean and is also the second to be launched in a period of six weeks.

Hylas-1, was launched at the end of November and will provide broadband services to 300,000 households across Europe.

The satellites will be used to boost Eutelsat's existing services and introduce new services in local digital TV access and broadband.

Eutelsat is already operating a broadband service called Tooway and the new satellite will boost the speed to 10Mbps when it goes into commercial operation in the second quarter of 2011.