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Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Third Biggest Web Property Online Says Comscore

Social networking giant Facebook has been named the third largest website in the world by web analytics firm comScore, pushing Yahoo down to the fourth place.

According to comScore, Facebook had 648 million unique visitors in the month of November compared to the 630 million received by Yahoo.

Apart from unique monthly visitors, Facebook also accounted for 23 percent of all online display ads in the US, more than double of Yahoo's 11 percent.

Facebook now trails only behind Microsoft which has 869 million unique monthly visitors and search engine giant Google which leads the pack with 970 million visitors.

The company had already surpassed Yahoo when it comes to online video back in September, with the platform delivering video content to 58.5 million users compared to 53.9 million Yahoo users.

However, when it comes to US visitors, Yahoo had 181 million monthly visitors, making it the largest website in the country compared to Facebook's 152 million, which was placed on the fourth position. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.