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Microsoft To Stop Shipping Windows 7 Family Pack

Online retailer Amazon has revealed that Microsoft will stop selling the highly popular Windows 7 Family Pack from January 1st, 2011.

The Windows 7 Family Pack page on Amazon's website says that the software pack will be up for sale only till 31st December 2010 or until stocks last.

Microsoft has always maintained that the Family Pack is on a limited offer basis and will be available till the stocks last.

The company had briefly pulled the from the market last year, after merely six weeks of launching it, without giving any prior warning.

The move was highly criticised by customers, who had called it a 'dumb move' on Microsoft's part. The company was forced to make the product available for those who had missed the opportunity to purchase it in the first place.

The Windows 7 Family Pack allows customers to install the operating system on three separate computers in one household and was available from Amazon for $125 instead of $150, Microsoft's SRP.

Amazon UK sells it for as little as £105.84, as an update for Windows XP or Windows Vista and unlike its US counterpart doesn't show any sign of disappearing next year.