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UK Shoppers Flock Online As Retailers Cash In On Holiday Rush

A new report emerged pointing to the fact that online shopping spend during the Christmas holiday shopping season had reached record levels.

According to The Press Association, a report by the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) claimed that 4.8 million online shoppers will spend £153 million on Christmas day on e-retailer websites.

The surge in online shopping is partly credited to massive discounts and schemes devised by retailers to cash in on the Christmas shopping rush.

The report also noted that on Boxing Day, online retail sales could rake in as much as £300 million for the first time ever.

David Smith, the managing director at IMRG said that “Christmas Day has become a busy online shopping day in recent years, as people with an eye for value look to take advantage of the 24/7 nature of online retail.”

The report's findings were backed by Visa credit card company which estimated that 960,000 transactions worth £36 million had been made through Visa cards on Christmas day.