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Apple, Mobile & Location Based Services To Top Security Agenda Says McAfee

Security software maker McAfee believes that malicious activities in 2011 will impact smartphones, URL shortners and Apple products the most.

The new McAfee reports that cyber-criminals will turn their attention towards more popular and talked about technologies like the Google TV, Apple's iPhone platform and geo-location services like Foursquare and Gowalla.

The LA Times reports that the software vendor's Threat Predictions 2011 document warns that Apple products, social networks and other device and web based services will face a fresh onslaught of attacks by cyber-criminals in 2011.

Apple received a specific mention in the report, with the company claiming that the increasing popularity of Mac, iPhone and iPad devices was enough for cyber-criminals to redirect their focus on them.

“Although historically not a frequently targeted platform by malicious attackers, the Mac operating system is very widely deployed. McAfee Labs saw malware of increasing sophistication that targets Mac this year; we expect this trend to increase in 2011,” the report said.