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Rumour : Apple To Release Three iPad 2 Models In 2011

In the latest round of iPad 2 related rumors, industry sources have suggested that Apple might release three versions of the iPad 2 device in 2011.

According to Digitimes, industry sources citing prominent component makers have informed that Apple will release three iPad 2 devices which will support Wi-Fi, UMTS and CDMA in 2011.

The same sources also revealed that Apple will start the production of the iPad 2 device as soon as the second half of January next year. The company will ship between 500,000 and 530,000 units to channels in January 2011 with the iPad 2 expected to be launched in the first half of next year.

Digitimes reports that Apple will also improve the display screen of the iPad 2 device, by making them more smudge resistance and implementing anti-reflective measures in order to compete against Amazon's Kindle e-reader.

Amazon has long mocked Apple for the iPad's reflective screen and Apple is likely to change that soon. Experts predict that Apple will continue to dominate the global tablet PC market in 2011, with the company expected to ship 40 million iPad 2 units next year.