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CCTV Helping London Metropolitan Police Solve More Crimes

CCTV cameras in London help the police solve six crimes every single day, the Metropolitan Police department has said.

According to BBC News, the Met said that 2,512 were identified using CCTV cameras this year compared to the 1,970 in 2009.

Mick Neville, the deputy chief inspector who also leads the identification unit, claimed that the police depended heavily on CCTV for solving a crime and camera footage was as vital as fingerprint and DNA proof.

"The key to our success is that images, unidentified images, are treated as a forensic discipline. They are treated like fingerprints and DNA," he said.

The Met informed that out of the 2,512 criminals caught with the help of CCTVs, 23 were rapists, 4 were suspected murderers and 5 wanted gunmen.

However, NGO groups like Big Brother Watch claim that the rising numbers of CCTV units were alarming.

According to the group, there are 59,753 CCTV cameras in Britain in 2010 nearly three times the amount 11 years ago.