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Chinese Set To Surpass English As Most Popular Language Online

Chinese might replace English as the official language of the Internet in the near future, based on data collated from Internetworldstats.

A infograph published by The Next Web using figures from IWS shows that the number of Internet users with Chinese as their primary language is continuing to rise, the dominance of English over the internet might soon come to an end.

TNW reports that China saw 36 million new internet users last, bringing the count of total Chinese language speaking internet users to more than 440 million.

The blog predicts that Chinese could replace English as the official language of the Web in the coming five years and possibly faster as mobile usage in the most populous country worldwide grows exponentially.

English is currently the dominant internet language with over 500 million users using English as their primary language while Spanish currently holds the third spot with 153 million users. However, not everyone agrees with the figures posted by TNW.

According to Fox News, Search Engine Land contributor Greg Sterling says that “Chinese will never replace English as the 'official' language of the Internet. This is clearly based on raw numbers and the size of China's Internet population.”