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Ebay Sold More Than 1.6m iPhone 4 Smartphones

Apple's iPhone 4 device has topped eBay's list of the most shopped items for 2010, with the iPad being awarded the fifth spot.

According to the online retailers' Top Shopped 2010 list, customers purchased 1.63 million iPhone 4 related items in 2010, while the iPad got the fifth spot with 621,000 items sold.

The iPhone and iPad were the only two tech items on the coveted list, making Ebay one of Apple's biggest retailers.

Meanwhile, the Barbie doll emerged as the second most shopped item on the platform, with consumers purchasing 1.2 million Barbie-related items; the remaining positions in the top 5 list went to military jackets, Hot Wheels, and the iPad.

Products related to the World Cup, which took place in summer, got the sixth position, closely followed by the Beatles, Silly Bandz, Alice in Wonderland and New Orleans Saints.

Karen Bard Sayah, a trend expert at eBay, said in a statement that “Year after year, we see the hot trends, topics and pop culture obsessions translate into online sales.”