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Google, Facebook & Apple Targeted By Paul Allen's Patent Firm

Interval Licensing, the patent arm of Interval Research, has filed a revised patent infringement lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Apple and other tech giants.

Interval Licensing's earlier attempt to get an injunction against several prominent tech firms was thrown out of courts for being too vague in its allegations.

The US district court had told the company that it had until December 28th to refile the lawsuit.

Now, the company, which is run by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has struck back with a more detailed lawsuit complete with screenshots of websites and services that infringe on its patents.

The lawsuit accuses Apple, Facebook, eBay, Netflix, AOL, Yahoo!, Office Depot, OfficeMax, YouTube and Staples of infringing on four patents held by Interval Licensing pertaining to e-commerce and online search functions.

Florian Mueller, a prominent open source champion, blogged that the patent specifically every aspect of Google's open source Android operating system.

“If any of those infringement assertions against Android is true, this can spell trouble for makers of Android-based devices, and for Android application developers,” he notes.