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HTC keyboard based Windows Phone 7 mobile comes to O2

Mobile phone network O2 has opened up pre-ordering in Germany of the UK-yet-to-be-announced HTC 7 Pro handset – a Windows Phone 7 mobile, with a slide-out keyboard.

The newest Windows Phone 7 handset is set to be arriving in January, with a 3.6-inch touch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, 8GB of storage and a full Qwerty slide-out keyboard.

The handset known as the HTC 7 Pro has a similar look to the company’s recent HTC Desire Z mobile phone, only the mobile runs Windows Phone 7 instead of Android ‘Froyo’ 2.2 on the Desire Z.

HTC’s Windows Phone 7 ‘7 Pro’ mobile phone was mentioned at the official launch of the platform, with no real confirmed details announced at the time as to when it might be arriving.

In a similar vein, Dell’s own Qwerty keyboard based WP7 handset was also unveiled at the same event, although no details have been furnished as to when that phone might be arriving either.

There’s been no word from O2 in the UK if or when the HTC 7 Pro will be shipping in Blighty, with a similar lack of message from HTC too.

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